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Mar 16, 2011 6:00am EDT
, they may not dangers that people here in the u-s are worried about too. phe radiation is leaking from two nuclear reactors along thh pacific coast, that were heavvly daaaged by the earthquake. then yesterday, another explosion shook the region, damaging a containment poolland exposing part or all of the nuclear fuel rods iim still very concerned about what might happen to these are designed to not fail, but - so many things that were not supposed happen have hhppened or things that were supposed to happen have noo happened. elevated radiation levels were detected 25 miles south of ttkyo.and now, there's fear in the u-s about radiation poisoning here.many people are buying anti-radiation company has already sold out......another medication doesn't require a prescription.but, health officials on the west coast say... the distanne between japan anddthe united states will disperse almost all of the radiaaion before it even getsshere.washington state ii nearly 5 thousand miles froo japan.we are nearly 7-thousand miles away here n baltimore. as fears over radiation poisoning gr
Mar 16, 2011 12:30am PDT
will shortly be underway in the german lender. after a meeting of energy experts in brussels, the e.u.'s commissioner went further than chancellor merkel and suggested that europe should consider a nuclear-free future and that all 150 reactors in the region should be given a stress test to ensure they are safe. >> this is a pre-assessment, if you like, of all potential risks in the wake of what has happened in japan. the earthquakes, tsunamis. >> such remarks may not go down that well in france, which prides itself on if you can safety and which relies on nuclear power for 80% of its energy needs. one french manufacturer insisted today their newest reactors would not release radio activity even in the case of a meltdown. in an issue of such public sensitivity, there appears to be pressure for a nuclear rethink or at least a pause for thought. >> you're watching bbc news. new pictures of the quake-stricken japanese nuclear plants appear to show smoke or steam emitting from the site. staff withdrawing from the if you can jet streama nuclear site due to risk of increased radiation. well, a
Mar 15, 2011 9:00pm PDT
up 6 percent. 2 japanese auto makers with factory in the u.s. halt some production because they are not sure how many parts will be available to build more cars p.subaru suspended production at the plant in indiana which employs 3500 workers and built 150,000 vehicles last year. toyota also suspending over time and production on saturday at all of the north american plants. so it can assess the availability of parts. >> senate energy committee will look at nuclear safety in the country tomorrow. bay area is well aware of the need to keep critical facilities open and operating after a major earthquake. before david louie shows us 2 example of how technology will hopefully make a difference. >>reporter: with the soaring ceiling and wall of glass the international terminal at sfo looks vulnerable but designed to withstand 8 point earthquake. >> i believe it if they say it but you never know. you know. until it happens. >>reporter: this is damage to the old central terminal after the 1989 about earthquake. that is not expected to happen today. the main area is designed t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3